Backgame, Duplication, and Diversification Strategies - More bbackgammon strategies should be examoned and tried on the board. As we learn more backgammon strategies, we get more advantages than the enemy.

Backgammon Guidelines for Beginners - Simple guidelines for backgammon beginners should never be taken for granted. Often, guidelines for backgammon beginners apply to pros as well.

Backgammon Mistakes We Should Avoid - A backgammon strategy should be seriously examined before application. In fact, a backgammon strategy should be studied before playing the game.

Backgammon Points that Change Identity - Backgammon points turn into something else as we move our checkers around the board. Learn how to alter backgammon points to our advantage.

Backgammon Proven Win Strategies - Backgammon win strategies are easy to do. The main thing is to prepare well ahead. Backgammon win strategies take foresight to accomplish.

Establishing Anchors on the Board - Backgammon anchors are deadly tools for offense. But also know the limits of backgammon anchors especially with a view to the backgammon race.

Hitting and Entering in Backgammon - Among the best backgammon moves are those on hitting and entering checkers. These backgammon moves should be well studied for better win strategies.

How to Bear Off Checkers in Backgammon - Bearing off backgammon checkers needs a carefuly look into the positioning of the enemy. But bearing off backgammon checkers allow some vital options.

Learning to Move Chips on a Backgammon Board - Moving backgammon chips involve simple rules to follow. But these rules are important for legitimately moving backgammon chips on the board.

Limits to Movements in Backgammon - Moving backgammon checkers are established by the dice rule. We have to consult the dice before moving backgammon checkers anywhere on the board.

Open Points in Backgammon - Open points in backgammon are opportunities we turn into either strengths or weaknesses. We should know how to handle open points in backgammon.

Playing Backgammon Better - To win at backgammon we have to correct wrong perceptions about the game. We need to clear our minds and think accurately to win at backgammon.

Setting Up a Backgammon Board - A proper board setup in backgammon means right placing of checkers and numbering of points. Be acquainted with a proper board setup in the game.

Strategy Games in Backgammon - Backgammon winning moves are often game strategies that aim to trap or delay the opponent. Backgammon winning moves make us run ahead in the race.

The Added Thrill of a Doubling Cube - The backgammon doubling cube is a risky option for any player who dares double the stakes. Games reach climax through the backgammon doubling cube.

The Dangers of Bearing off Our Checkers - Bearing off in backgammon is an exciting but critical phase of the game. We have to know the common pitfalls during bearing off in backgammon.

The Only Way to Master Backgammon - Mastering backgammon needs lots of work on rules and basic strategies. But most of all mastering backgammon needs countless hours of practice.

The Power of a Backgammon Prime - Backgammon primes are powerful formations on the board. But we must beware not to get too absorbed in backgammon primes and forget the main goal.

What are Backgammon Blots? - Backgammon games are not possible without blots. What are backgammon blots? We have to learn their use and importance in backgammon games.

When the Dice are Cocked in Backgammon - A backgammon dice result decides about almost everything in the game. A cocked backgammon dice result is even more influencial in this aspect.

Why Play Backgammon Online? - To play backgammon online we simply register and play on a backgammon website. Then we enjoy hi-tech features to play backgammon online.

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