The Only Way to Master Backgammon

Backgammon is a unique game that combines skill, wit, and luck. There are lots on backgammon rules and strategies that we have to study about if we want mastery of the game. But actually, we should remember that mastering backgammon means mind and skill power.

The rules are numerous but we have to focus on movement, the race, and especially bearing off regulations. Mastery of the rules concerning these play phases is vital to work out a good win strategy in the game. We need to know the proper way to move checkers across the board strategically. We need to build primes and set anchors using proper procedures.

We need to know when blots are needed and when they are best avoided. We need to know how long primes are effective and when they should be dismantled. We should know how long anchors should last. Positioning our checkers on the board needs a timeframe if we are to make full use of its potential in the game. We should even know how to use our checkers on the bar as we enter them back on the board.

In bearing off stage we should know the techniques on making full use of dice rolls each turn we make to maximize our progress. Dice rolls determine what checker piece we may bear off from a point. If the dice roll does not correspond to an available checker on a point we should use that roll to move other checkers onto our home board. This wise use of a dice roll on bearing off stage is an important technique to learn.

But mastering backgammon is not just about knowing the rules and basic strategies. It is more about putting our head knowledge to work during an actual game session. There is nothing like playing backgammon regularly to acquaint ourselves with rules and strategies and mastering them as well. In fact, we should not only play the game with peers but also with experts and advanced players, on traditional boards and online.

Actual plays put timing and facts together to produce winning strategies. Head knowledge with a few games or playing backgammon with family and friends is not enough for mastery. We can never perfect our timing and knowledge with amateurish plays. We have to regularly pit ourselves with the best so that timing and knowledge can mix together evenly.

Mastering backgammon is more than just knowing or being familiar with the rules of the game. It means a lot of practice.