Strategy Games in Backgammon

Backgammon strategies can be in the form of strategy games. These are win tactics based on an emphasis on certain backgammon winning moves. Knowing and mastering them help us quickly spot opportunities for them on the board.

There are simple basics on how to win backgammon but the game is more played on a case-to-case basis or contextually. Different games have different contexts or situations and we must act according to the uniqueness of those situations. Thus, we should know how to combine strategy games or quickly shift from on to the other. Here are some of the strategy games.

First is called the running game strategy. Here we move our checkers as fast as possible on the board to get ahead in the game positionally and to avoid getting hit, ensnared, or delayed. This is the simplest and common tactic used on the board. It often gets us ahead in the race to one's home board and once ahead we may focus on bearing off strategies.

The second is called a holding game strategy. This means we must sustain control over points or a point located on the opponent's home board. These controlled points are called anchors. The more we have them the easier we can transport our checkers. The best use for them is hitting enemy blots right from the enemy's territory. We may also roll doubles to shift the game to a running game. It is always a good goal to turn our play to a running game.

The third among backgammon wining moves is called a priming game strategy. This is about fortifying our positions to establish strongholds for our checkers on the board. What we do is we build primes. Primes are points we "own" because we have lots of checkers on them. When there are lots of enemy checkers behind our primes we are definitely at an advantage over the opponent.

Just imagine if we have a 6-point prime and there are scores of checker chips behind it. The opponent will have to literally wait for the prime to "disband" or be moved out by us before the opponent can move enemy checkers.

Blitz is a priming variant. It is when we are able to quickly fill our home board with our checkers while having lots of enemy checkers held on the bar. When we fill our home board the enemy checkers kept on the bar will have difficulty getting a position in it when returned. Then we resume a running game strategy.