Learning to Move Chips on a Backgammon Board

Here are easy steps on moving backgammon chips on a board. Moving them on a board should be according to backgammon rules.

Before anything else, we first setup the backgammon properly. Then we move the backgammon chips in a counter-clockwise direction on each turn. Each player does a move alternately—one move per turn. Moving the chips should be in a "C" movement pattern, starting from the upper right hand point going down a "C" path to the lower right hand point.

To know how many spaces or points a chip or chips will move, we roll the dice. The dice results indicate how many points our move will take. A chip may use all number of moves or we may have one piece doing a die result and another chip the other die result. Thus, a result of 2-5 for instance may be used by a single chip to move 7 points, or a chip moving 2 points and another moving 5 points.

Moving backgammon chips is only possible on open or available points. We may opt to move chips individually or together in pairs. When a dice result shows use all the pips displayed. However, if we can only opt for a portion of the pips shown opt for the higher numbers.

We may also opt for all the doubles results. Then watch out for blots. These are points with lone enemy chips on them. We hit blots and place the enemy chips on them on the bar. The bar is in the middle of the board.

If it's our chips that has been hit and placed on the bar we should roll on our turn to get the chip back from the bar to an open or vacant point on the home board of our opponent. It's "back to square one" for that chip. The more chips hit the more disadvantage for the player. So, one of the goals of backgammon is to hit as many enemy chips as possible and to prevent the enemy from hitting our chips as much as possible.

Another goal in this game is to move all our chips to our home board. After moving them so, then we may start bearing them off or putting them off the board. Here we see why we need to keep hitting enemy chips to delay them from bearing off.

This is how moving backgammon chips is done. We base the number of moves on dice results and according to backgammon rules.