Backgammon Proven Win Strategies

Constant practice sharpens our skills in backgammon. As we play the game to practice we should be aware of backgammon win strategies that are often applied in the game. Here are some we ought to consider.

One of the most important things we must do in backgammon is to keep blocking enemy checkers whenever possible. We should keep them from leaving our home board and going to their home board. We should find ways to hit them. Hitting them arrests the checkers for a while and sends them back where they started.

Remember that winning backgammon means being able to send all checkers to our home board from the enemy home board and then bearing them off. This does not only mean we beat the opponent in the race and bear off pieces first but also hinder enemy checkers from doing so. So as we move in the race we should also put obstacle in the enemy's way.

Another thing to remember is to scatter our checkers throughout the board in pairs. This excludes blots that make our checkers free targets for hits. Pairing our checkers effectively builds blocks on the board to have the opponent with lesser options for safe moves. The less free points the opponent has the more delays are suffered by the same.

Primes are strong backgammon win strategies on the board. The more we build primes and maintain them the more the enemy checkers behind our primes are blocked. To form a prime we need to control 6 successive points. Primes are excellent when there are many enemy checkers behind them. When hitting enemy checkers, we need to focus more on those nearest to the enemy home board.

When we have analyzed our situation well and we see that we're ahead in the game, we may opt to double. If the opponent sees the disadvantage of a double we may win the game right there and then without having to finish the whole game. But if the opponent has a strong strategy our challenge to double may be met by a re-double by the opponent. And this we have to think over carefully.

Finally, we must time our hits well. Enemy checkers hit while we are about to bear our checkers off may return to blots in our home board that may delay us while bearing off our checkers. Backgammon win strategies ought to see all these things way ahead for a smoother win in the game.