Backgammon Mistakes We Should Avoid

It's important to always come up with just the right balance of emphasis in backgammon. The tendency of most players is to focus too much on one backgammon strategy and neglect other play needs. Here are some equalizing reminders to come up with a right balance in a backgammon game.

To start, never take for granted backgammons and gammons. This has to do with the type of scores developing in a game. With some scores backgammons are workable and necessary. But there are scores where we should not take too risky chances on backgammons. And this is where we also we go easy on risks.

Don't be too confident and take on more risks than our actual game situation can handle. Again we check on our scores and the advantages we have in a game. Hitting should be weighed carefully. There are times when making too many hits can ruin our play. For instance, too many hit enemy checkers means many enemy checkers entering our home board. This might mess up our win strategy especially when they start occupying points on our home board as we try to move our pieces there.

So hitting should also have a clear goal. Don't just keep hitting for the sake of hitting. Sometimes that's taking too many risks than our game situation warrants. Hit for a definite purpose. Hit enough checkers to delay the opponent and make our transit to our home board easier. If we have enough checkers on our home board then we may hit as many enemy checkers. Some players care only to hit, not to win.

But don't get this wrong. It doesn't mean we avoid all risks altogether. There is also a downside when we do not take enough risks. This is poor backgammon strategy. Timidity won't do us any good in the game—and that's what being too careful really is. But the risks we take should be calculated ones. They should be well studied and balanced.

It takes backgammon maturity to know when to do things exactly—maturity that persistent practice produces. And it also takes maturity to know how to balance things.

It won't do to just keep focused on a single task in backgammon. We have to consider the overall game situation. Thus, a good backgammon strategy is a balance of several tactics calculated to meet the developing conditions on the board. We should learn always to see the game in its relevant context.