Learn Backgammon with Easy Instructions

Backgammon takes careful analysis to play. Simply moving the checker pieces on the board takes careful studying to learn backgammon. But when play instructions are presented in detail and explained at the level of a beginner, everything can be learned much easier.

First is the backgammon board setup. The game is unique as its board setup is unique. Unlike chess and checkers where the pieces are arranged symmetrically at the start, backgammon checkers are arranged initially on the board rather oddly. Different numbers of checkers are on different triangles or points. Even the shape of the triangles themselves is odd. And the direction we move the checkers in and the goal of the game are quite extraordinary compared to other board games.

The details of the initial phase of the game should be explained in a simple way and in a manner that beginners can easily understand. The initial stage is crucial for a learner to develop interest in the game and proceed to its middle part. The triangles on the board, or points, vary in identity and function as the game progresses. The nature of backgammon board points should be explained with a view to presenting how they become relevant to win strategies as they are used by checker pieces.

To learn backgammon knowledge on board positioning like primes, blots, and anchors is crucial. Rules on them depend on the changing functions of points. Points lead checkers to their home boards and are greatly helped by their positioning. Positioning is relative to the movement and arrangements of the checkers on the board. Beginners should made to realize the use and differences among these various positioning.

For instance, blots are often positions of weakness but they also have their vital use for certain checkers. Primes are positions of strength but they sometimes have their vulnerability. Anchors are strategic positions but they can stall our checkers in certain situations. When beginners start to understand the nature of points relative to checkers positioning the game begins to take on an exciting new light.

In fact, even regular backgammon players need to be reminded of the basics of the game in a new light. When we review basic rules and strategies from another perspective�one especially designed for easy learning�we begin to see the whole in terms of the parts and the parts in terms of the whole.

Then we begin to approach the game in a whole new light. Thus, we also need to have an open mind to learn backgammon.